Competition Pistol/Movers & Swingers

2-day Course

With the increasing popularity of action shooting competitions, Phase Line Green and Steve Russel of SR Precision are excited to offer a joint 2-day training course to those shooters who wish to optimize their skills and abilities with their competition pistols.

Earl’s bio is on our site and here is Steve’s bio:

As a certified IPSC Master Black Badge Instructor, with 25+ years of instruction, Steve Russell teaches the Black Badge Program.

His instruction is not limited to just IPSC Black Badge courses. He also teaches Fundamentals / Intermediate / to Advanced shooting skills and techniques all across Ontario – both privately and in groups.

Steve teaches military (Special Forces) and multiple federal agency personnel with courses tailored to their needs. He covers body mechanics, economy of motion, transitions, hand-eye coordination, awareness skills, ability to think quickly – while maintaining safety at all times through dynamic courses of fire; plus a lot more!

DVC – Diligentia-vis-celeritas (accuracy-power-speed)


The two instructors have a wealth of knowledge and experience related to the use of firearms in competitive, instructional and operational environments. 

This course will be a dynamic training course with the majority of time spent performing live fire exercises on the range.

The instructor reserves the right to vet candidates based upon their abilities to ensure appropriate skill level for this course.


Topics Covered:

  • Fundamentals of pistol operation
  • Equipment choices, setup and optimization
  • Sighting in your red dot and irons/Eye Dominance
  • Movement and multiple target engagement, shooting from various positions

Required Equipment:

  • Reliable pistol with mounted red dot sight
  • Belt mounted holster that covers the trigger guard, minimum of two magazine pouches and at least 3 magazines
  • 500 pistol rounds (minimum)
  • Hearing protection, eye protection and a ball cap
  • You may elect to wear armour, duty rigs, knee/elbow pads and helmets
  • It is suggested that if you are operational that you wear your operational/duty equipment
  • Cleaning kit and firearms lubricant
  • Clothing suitable for inclement weather
  • Water, snacks, small first aid kit
  • Pen and pad if you wish to take notes if you wish


Registration: Spot not confirmed until deposit is paid. Details will be sent via email after registration is received.