Ammunition policy


We have been closely watching the situation in both the US and here at home regarding firearms ownership and firearms law. Based upon these uncertainties, we are well aware of the difficulty that many of you face in obtaining ammunition. So, in keeping with the policies of many trainers south of the border, we have adopted some new policies regarding our courses and ammunition. Kyle Defoor, Larry Vickers and Paul Hotaling (ALIAS group) have developed sound policies and I believe that our policy should be reflective of theirs.


Here is Phase Line Green Tactical’s ammo policy:


A new minimum of 400 rifle rounds and 500 pistol rounds has been set for all of our 2-day classes. We don’t believe in shooting just to expend ammo but in order to get the most out of our courses, it is imperative to engage in live fire exercises. During our exercises, you will have the option of self-regulating the number of rounds that you fire per drill.

Example; if the drill calls for four rounds, firing two will be OK. This is completely student self-regulating. Please be careful so you don’t over-shoot one drill and miss out on another.

REMEMBER we always say: you are your own ammo control board!

We have not had any restrictions on remanufactured or reloaded ammo so there are no changes to our policies surrounding that. Both are just fine!

We now allow for .22 caliber firearms (.22 long rifle) in any of our carbine classes. Same with .22 conversion kits.





Owing to recent regulatory changes by the CFO’s office, we have had to make some changes for our course attendees and sign-up policies.

For our courses in Ontario, you will now have to have an invitation letter that must accompany your ATT therefore, we will be providing your letter via email once you have paid for your course. This email will contain a personal invitation bearing your name and the club location and course dates. It is up to you to ensure that your ATT is in compliance.

The CFO is also stating that the club must maintain PAL information and the address of members and guests therefore, we will be using a new sign-up form that will require you to provide us with this information.

Please understand that your information will be held in the strictest of confidence and will be maintained securely. We do not release any client information unless it pertains to a law enforcement or public safety investigation.  We also do not share your information with any other private entity or company.

We are hoping that The CFO in Ontario realizes that those who lawfully possess firearms licences, restricted and prohibited firearms are not criminals and that public safety is not compromised in any manner by law abiding citizens who are enjoying a sport and who are learning and enhancing their safe and lawful use of firearms.