We provide training and consultation to law enforcement, security services, military organizations and personnel regarding the safe and lawful use of force, firearms, tactics, urban operations, executive protection and investigative techniques. We have access to experts who have served in military and policing roles ranging from training to special investigations to special operations and anti-terrorism.

We also provide training to civilians in the safe and lawful use of firearms for recreation, competition, hunting and enjoyment.

Pistol Operator

Designed for shooters at any level who wish to improve their speed and accuracy. 

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Advanced pistol

Designed for those who may have the need to use a pistol quickly and accurately in dynamic and stressful environments.

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subcalibre tac rifle

Designed for those firearms enthusiasts who own either a .22 calibre semi-automatic rifle, (10/22, GSG-16) a pistol in a KPOS or a pistol calibre, non-restricted carbine.

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Shotgun Operator

Designed with the needs of a law enforcement officer, competitor and hunter in mind.

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scout rifle Operator

Designed primarily with the needs of a hunter or sports shooter who uses a scout rifle.

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Designed for the experienced shooter who may find the need to employ firearms in environments where light and visibility have been compromised.

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Vehicle CQB

A focus on the unique operating environment presented to a law enforcement/private security operator who may find themselves operating in and around vehicles in defensive situations.

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Use of force

Development and delivery of training that is in accordance with federal and provincial use of force guidelines and response options.

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Red dot Pistol Operator

Designed for shooters who wish to optimize their skills and abilities with red dot sights mounted on pistols.

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