scout rifle Operator

1-Day Course

This course is designed primarily with the needs of the hunter or sports shooter who uses a scout rifle based on the design and specifications from Col Jeff Cooper. The Scout rifle is a light, handy, mid-calibre rifle in bolt or semi-automatic configuration with a fixed or detachable 5 round magazine and low-powered, forward-mounted optic.  Although these are the original intended specs, Scout rifles come in many shapes and variations and with traditional sighting systems as well.

Skills showcased in this course range from the application of fundamental shooting skills through to use of the scout rifle at various distances and from various positions. Sling use will also be covered.

The instructor reserves the right to vet candidates based upon their abilities to ensure appropriate skill level for this course.


Required Equipment:

  • Reliable rifle and at least 2 magazines (5 round traditionally), fixed magazines are also permitted.
  • Belt mounted mag pouch or a pocket. Hunting rigs may also be worn.
  • 250 rounds of reliable rifle ammunition
  • Hearing protection, eye protection and a baseball cap
  • Clothing suitable for inclement weather
  • Water and snacks
  • Pen and pad if you wish to take notes (always a good idea)


Registration: Spot not confirmed until deposit is paid. Details will be sent via email after registration is received.